Dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD? Or do you just want to feel more in control of your life?

Neurosymmetry means bringing balance back to your life.

Neurosymmetry can help. It can provide relief from the stresses of modern life using neurofeedback. This computer program feels like a ‘massage for the mind’ yet trains your brain to process life’s stressors. It provides long lasting, positive effects. It’s just like holding a mirror up to your brain to show it how it works. Your brain then re-tunes itself. It is a relaxing, non-invasive process which provides amazing results.

What is Brain Training?

Busy lives leave many of us feeling anxious, unable to cope or depressed. With neurofeedback you will feel happier and calmer. You will be training your brain to be more resilient. This is not a placebo or a sham. It is an advanced computer program which puts you (and your brain) back in charge of your life. Make better, healthier choices for yourself and allow NeurOptimal® at Neurosymmetry assist you to have a better life

Benefits of Neurosymmetry

What are the Benefits?

Your brain is an amazing organ containing billions of neurons firing off against each other. As we journey through life those neurons can begin to misfire. Whether it be through physical or emotional trauma, constant stress or simply growing older, our brains need to be re-tuned to cope with life’s challenges.

At the end of your initial training package you’ll see written evidence of your improved outcomes.

Neurosymmetry can help you to:-

  • Manage stress better
  • Keep your brain fit
  • Become more flexible & resilient
  • Deal with performance anxiety
  • Improve focus
  • Overcome sports anxiety
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Enjoy feeling calmer

The non-linear, dynamical process involved with NeurOptimal® means that everyone benefits in their own way, at their own pace. It is simply a process where the brain listens to what it is doing and how it is performing and changes its processing to respond better to outside stimuli.

While everyone is unique and responds in their own way, most people experience a deep sense of relaxation, greater focus, better decision-making, less attachment to the trivial things in life and an overall sense of wellbeing. Often the process is so smooth your friends will notice the transformation before you do.

While I am happy to discuss individual concerns in relation to my own experience with clients and that of other providers, I truly believe the improved brain and central nervous system function created with sufficient training with NeurOptimal® can only be beneficial for everyone.

I have had the opportunity to work with people form all areas, all genders and ages. The one thing they have in common is their ability to self-heal when they are given the information through the feedback.

I have had business clients who come for Booster Sessions in order to tackle major projects or work-related stress.

The neurofeedback program simply trains the brain in the chair. Some clients sleep through the session and it still works. Children watch movies. It's very relaxing.


We are all different. Consequently, I offer a choice of services when it comes to neurofeedback.

The Ten Session Package

This is my most popular training program. It involves a commitment to completing ten sessions and provides a substantial discount to reward that commitment. I usually suggest the ten-session approach is the best for lasting results but everyone is different. Some people will need more, others will find they feel a lot better after only three.
The beauty of the ten sessions is that it consolidates the changes that have been brought about. Those that have deep seated trauma a second or third package may be needed. Most people choose to come once a week on a day and at a time that suites them best. However, this is discussed in detail at the initial training session.

The Ten Session Package is $800

The Trial Pack

Here the client commits to three session to either, ‘try it and see’ or to provide much needed relief from a specific issue. I find this particularly useful for those wanting to deal with a specific stressful situation or wishing to attain greater focus for a particular project.
Business owners come for three sessions in a week to give themselves a mental and emotional boost. Again, this commitment is rewarded with a discount.

The Trial Pack is $270

The Single Session

This is convenient for those who don’t want to commit to a package or simply would like the occasional top up session. While it is usually very relaxing, it seldom brings about any lasting changes unless it is reinforcing previous training.
The Single Session is $100

The Booster Combo Pack

I work with an amazing local kinesiologist (Jocelyn Crosby) to move clients along their life’s journey faster. We provide three sessions each at a pace to suit the client. This combination of brain, body and energy work has brought about some fantastic and life changing results for clients.
The Booster Combo Pack is $480

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is a transformational process. Through stimulating your brain the training program is designed to move you from your present position to a happier, calmer place. We are all self-regulating systems designed to self correct when given accurate, on time information. Regular sessions speed up that process.

Just like going to the gym for the body, brain training requires reinforcement. Consequently, I offer a heavy discount for the 10-session training package. The training packages are to be paid for in advance. In order to avoid risking forfeiting an appointment, cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours’ notice.

Neurosymmetry Rental Systems

With a NeurOptimal® rental system you can train yourself and your family in the comfort of your own home.

Just imagine the convenience, affordability and benefits of unlimited brain training sessions for a month (or two).


  • Price: $1,150 pm payable on collection or prior to delivery
  • Instructions: Delivered personally or in easy to follow graphic written format
  • Support: Ongoing support available if required


About Me

Vicki Bowden

My name is Vicki Bowden. I have been involved with NeurOptimal® for over a decade and have been running my own business for over five years. While I am a former high school teacher, I trained as a NeurOptimal® provider with psychologist, John Thompson.

I came to NeurOptimal® through my own health journey (auto-immune disease) and a friend’s experience. Said friend was dealing with a personal tragedy and I saw how effective this program was in helping that family to deal with the grief of losing a child. I trained on the program and found it helped me to move from under the Crohn’s cloud. Suddenly, I was able to enjoy life so much more fully. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

I am grateful my personal difficulties have led me to NeurOptimal®. I know it helps with anxiety, depression and stress and so many other things. I am now on a mission to help others to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. If you are ready to move to a calmer, happier place or have tried everything else yet are still not where you want to be, Neurosymmetry will help you to find your path.

Trainers in Other Regions

If you’re looking for a trainer in another area, I am happy to help. You might find the link below useful.

To find out more please get in touch.